Random starwars campaign

Bounty hunting

Returning to Coruscant for the mercs among them to get paid, the team makes a pit stop to converse with ranger command. This results in Ranger Wakku being kicked out of the illustrious organization. Out of work, looking for the next job, or something of the like. Our heroes bump into each other again at a cantina. While getting to know each other better, they overhear a conversation about a tough job a bounty hunting crew was considering turning down.

Unable to take anything seriously, Maddock barges into the private room, instigating a bar room brawl with the three bounty hunters. With a bit of aid from Wakku and Sythe, Maddock manages to win the brawl. The three bounty hunters are forced to make a hasty exit when a member of their crew, Luz, custom made blaster explodes in her hands.

Searching the private room, the heroes find a security box left behind. Forcing the lock open, they find a code cylinder, containing a single text only message.



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