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Bounty hunting

Returning to Coruscant for the mercs among them to get paid, the team makes a pit stop to converse with ranger command. This results in Ranger Wakku being kicked out of the illustrious organization. Out of work, looking for the next job, or something of the like. Our heroes bump into each other again at a cantina. While getting to know each other better, they overhear a conversation about a tough job a bounty hunting crew was considering turning down.

Unable to take anything seriously, Maddock barges into the private room, instigating a bar room brawl with the three bounty hunters. With a bit of aid from Wakku and Sythe, Maddock manages to win the brawl. The three bounty hunters are forced to make a hasty exit when a member of their crew, Luz, custom made blaster explodes in her hands.

Searching the private room, the heroes find a security box left behind. Forcing the lock open, they find a code cylinder, containing a single text only message.

Battle of antar 4

Our campaign opens on the moon of Antar 4. A renegade group of Gotals,the planets native inhabitants, calling themselves the Rashu shune, have started a battle with republic forces. In response, the longstanding companions of the jedi, the Antarian rangers, are deployed. Joined by mercenaries and a bounty hunter or two, the mynock squadron is deployed to a specific point with a specific goal.

The team is comprised of: Sips, Lane, Brindley, and Jaroth, 4 new members of mynock squad. Sythe Skyrunner, once a Jedi in training. Ranger Teth Maddock, a loose cannon with no regard for anyone or anything. Quin’tek Larishto, A twi’lek smuggler who just happened to get caught in the middle of the fight. Ranger Wakku Mannu, a ranger originally from Tattooine. Loch, a Pau’an force adept with a strong attachment to the dark side. They are lead by human Jedi knight, Raf Malko and his Padawan Vestria Nitami.

Their mission: clear a town of hostiles so an EMP bomb may be set up at a tactical point. This bomb is not to be detonated until ranger command gives the order to do so.

The team divides itself into two. Bomb team, and strike team. Strike team rushes into the town while bomb team covertly brings the emp weapon into the village. Things appear to be going their way until Bomb team is attacked shortly after arriving at the detonation point. Having finished their work, Strike team returns to the detonation point. finding the 4 new members dead, with Sythe simply being incapacitated. suddenly the group is attacked by a force adept Togruta woman. Following the orders of Raf Malko, they escape town, but not before hearing his death throes.

Ranger Maddock opts to sneak back into town and attempt to put the bomb on a timer, ensuring it would indeed go off even without the order to detonate. While he successfully manages to sneak into town, he is unable to properly rig the timer, setting it for 6 seconds instead of his intended 120. the result is the bomb going off in both his and the force adept womans faces. While neither is injured, many of the electro-sensetive gotals who hadn’t evacuated yet begin to distrust the republic. The team escapes on a speeder that had escaped the bomb, leaving the planet on a long forgotten ship.

On their way to Coruscant, Loch contacts ranger command, informing them it was Maddock who set the bomb off early and that he had been dealt with. This was, of course, a lie.


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